As an artist and graphic designer, I’ve been creating work for over 32 years. 

Lacquers: In my previous body of work, I used Lacquer/Enamels/Nail Polish as the mediums because of the intense colors, surface texture and unique blending abilities. The series developed from a trip to Alaska many years ago. A riverbed located in the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve where water, rich in iron, had dripped onto a section of rocks and left circles of rich blues, rusty oranges and smoke grays. The natural coloration and circular patterns, created by the constant dripping, was intriguing. My imagination was further sparked by the prospect of using an uncommon medium, lacquers, enables and even nail polishes.  Finally the graphic and fine artist blended.

Koi Series in Nail Polish & Lacquers: Koi have always been a favorite of mine. Their rich colors and graceful form always strike me as something beautiful and peaceful. The eight-panel piece has been a three-year project. It’s done in a pointillist style and each panel can stand-alone or come together to form a whole composition.

Oils: Subject has always been the heart of any painting and I spend a lot of time evaluating color combinations and composition. I am a fan of animation artist and colorist Maurice Noble whose work is legendary and color studies are  an integral part of his success. The artistic inspirations for this series are Monet’s home at Giverny along with Arboretums and local gardens. The Impasto technique adds texture and breaks down the vivid colors into specific brush strokes. As a result, I get this beautiful, impressionistic vision of nature. One of my favorite quotes is about the impasto artist Ernest Lawson… “A palette of crushed jewels…”

Foils: As a Graphic Designer, I like simple and dramatic forms. The luminance, that foils provide, add depth. When you add glazing, foils create a multitude of possibilities.

Interference Pigments: I’m new to this kind of oil and acrylic medium.  The colors can seem three-dimensional when viewed from different angles.  It’s all about how you mix and layer the pigments. I’m passionate about bright and simple colors and interference pigments take color science to a new dimention. I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me.

Select works can be seen at:

Leawood Fine Art  •  11843 Roe Blvd., Leawood, KS 66211
Phone: 913-338-4999

Artist Studio: Livestock Exchange Building  • 1600 Genessee St,  •  Kansas City, MO 64102
Studio #708
Open by appointment